Sean O'Sullivan
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Each new tab starts with a colourful Webling.

Add a little colour and joy to your new browser tabs with Weblings.

Every time you open a new tab or browser window, one of the Weblings will appear with a heartening compliment or a lighthearted quip to brighten up your day. The Weblings are an assortment of characters of my own creation.

Weblings in Google Chrome

Version 2.0

Currently available for Google Chrome.

🎨 An all new Material inspired design, updated for high resolution displays.
🔍 Optional search bar, which uses the fantastic DuckDuckGo engine.
☁️ Options synchronise across your devices using Google Chrome Sync.
🌈 Larger, clearer images of the Weblings.
💬 More compliments and quips for you to get a smile from.
➕ Even more Weblings than before, including a very happy 💩.

Version 1.2

Currently available for Mozilla Firefox.

Initial release for Firefox