Sean O'Sullivan
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Weblings 2 in Firefox

Add a little joy to your browser's new tab page.

Every time you open a new tab or browser window, one of the Weblings will appear with a heartening compliment, or a lighthearted quip, to brighten up your day. The Weblings are an assortment of characters of my own creation.

What does it have?

🎨 An all new Material inspired design, updated for high resolution displays.
🔍 Optional search bar, which uses the fantastic DuckDuckGo engine.
☁️ Options synchronise across your devices using Google Chrome Sync and Firefox Account Sync.
🌈 Larger, clearer images of the Weblings.
💬 More compliments, more colours and cheesier puns. (You're welcome).
➕ Even more Weblings than before, including a very happy 💩.

Contribute to Weblings on GitHub

I’ve also open sourced Weblings on GitHub, so if you wish to contribute to the project I’ll welcome your suggestions and pull requests with open arms.