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Add a little colour and joy to your new browser tabs

A screenshot showing Weblings in three different coloured tabs, overlapping each other

Open every new tab to a smile

Every time you open a new tab or window, one of the Weblings will appear with a heartening welcome, a lighthearted pun, or a spark of positivity to brighten up your day. The Weblings are an assortment of characters of my own creation.


  • 🌇 Four image sets - Get an appetite with the Foodlings or the Fruit and Veglings. Smile with the Scribblings or feel the warmth, (or the cold), with the Weatherlings
  • 💬 Puns, positivity or greetings. You decide what you'd like them to say
  • 🌈 Solid colour or gradient backgrounds
  • 🎨 Customise it however you like, by mixing up the Weblings, dialogue and background sets
Too fun!! Thank you!

Add Weblings to your browser, right now

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