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Centro 365

Manage Microsoft 365 with ease

If you're an admin wandering around all the O365/Azure consoles and such, this extension is a speed path to get where you need to go.

Every admin centre, at your fingertips

Centro 365's default look, running within Microsoft Edge

Centro 365 is a powerful and intuitive extension to your browser, that makes it super easy to administer Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365. Whether you’re managing just one product, or you’re a Global Administrator, this handy app keeps everything you need within reach.

As Microsoft's collaborative platform grows, so does Centro 365.

Microsoft 365 Admin. Microsoft 365 Apps. 365 Lighthouse. Azure Active Directory / Entra ID. Entra Global Secure Access. Azure Portal. Microsoft Defender. Defender for Cloud Apps. Microsoft Purview. Microsoft InTune / Endpoint Manager. Exchange Online. OneDrive. Power Platform. Power BI. SharePoint. Stream. Teams. Yammer.

Bring your favourites to the party

Save up to ten of your most favourite resources

As a seasoned professional you're bound to have a few frequently visited pages or blades, so save them into the Favourites tab so they're just a click away. Are you new to Microsoft 365? No worries. The plethora of admin centre's can be daunting, but Favourites hides the clutter.

Move to the dark side

Centro 365 automatically switches between light and dark mode

For those of us who prefer running apps in dark mode, Centro 365 has you covered. It'll automatically switch between light and dark modes in step with your browser. Bliss.

Switch it up any way you want

Centro 365 has a load of settings to make it your own

We're all unique, and Centro 365 can be too. Dive into the Settings to set the default section that greets you, and hide those admin centres you couldn't care less about. Curate your own personalised selection of admin centres in seconds.

Don't take my word for it...

If you're an admin wandering around all the O365/Azure consoles and such, this extension is a speed path to get where you need to go in essentially one click. [...] There is a sh!t-ton of work under the covers to make this be as slick and helpful as it is. This is a textbook example of a community-centric developer in give-back mode. Well done, Sean, truly
Sean, I use your Centro 365 extension on all my M365 tenants and recommend it to all my friends. Great extension man!
Thanks for making this neat little tool! It's been a staple for me for quite some time now, makes the ever-mutating mess of Microsoft's panels & their sub menus a lot easier to navigate.
Thanks Sean, Centro 365 is so very well made.
I'm honestly shocked that this tool hasn't gotten more recognition. [...] This is much better than my admittedly very clumsy previous solution of bookmarking every center & has saved me a huge amount of time
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