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About Me & this website

Hello to you, lovely person, and welcome to my little place on the internet. I’m a writer first, hobbyist developer and eager time traveller second, with an acquired taste for terrible puns. The North Eastern countryside of England is where I call home, along with my beautiful wife and two wonderful children whom with I share my life and everything in it with.

In between the day job and spending time with my family, I’m usually working on something creative. At the moment my projects include Pixelated Perspective, building out a connected home with HomeKit and Home Assistant and my debut novel, which is taking forever. (Rome wasn’t built in a day, remember.)

If you’re serving alcohol then make mine a crisp Dark Fruit cider. Otherwise it’ll have to be either a rich coffee or a mug of tea; No sugar and a tiny splash of milk. (I’m British after all.)

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Third party image use

I am most grateful to the following artists and photographers, whose imagery I've used in places on this website:

Clem Onojeghuo, for his photo of a man on a platform. This is in use on The Train Station page.

Pixabay, for their photo of a banana skin. This is in use on my 404 error page.